RANDOM DANCERS (Вольные Танцы) , 2017

They call us interrupted focus, - he smiled and then added. We say הפרעת קשר וריקוד random dancing*.

This project is dedicated to Tom's story of "random dancers". The series deals with one aspect of young people's chosen nomadism in western society. Using an associative way of narration, different events are given within a repetitive and fragmented pattern : hostile landscapes and the protagonists, the juggler, the wind dancer, the cherry eater, the smoker. The photographer's shadow marks the presence of an observer (the fifth protagonist), moving constantly between places with a permanently changing narration language/tool (different camera, expired films, changing perspective).
The photographs were taken in Germany around Leipzig, in Israel and in the south of France.

Text (engl.), Edward Parr:

Random dancers is a circus act which juggles between reality, utopia and it's aspirations. The narrative may seem incoherent, however, because the story is not so linear. From barren landscapes to niches of life, we look through holes in search of a better now. Is it our surroundings and circumstances or our dreams and desire which leads us to change? This series gives us one answer to consider and which is demonstrated by its circular narrative; no matter how it comes about, can you make the change for the better so you don't wait in idle for the next opportunity.

C-Prints (Analog photographs on expired film 120mm, oneway camera 35mm and polaroids). The installation contains prints of various formats and various haptics.
*inverted syllabus in Hebrew word for "interrupted focus" transfer the meaning of those two words to an absurd poetic combination "Random Dancing"