Bergen (Горы) , 2019 artist book, common artwork Dominique Hille/Arina Essipowitsch.
Bergen has several meanings. The ambiguity of this word is a context of a photographic series. A village in the past, an open-pit mine during a decennie, an acid lake now - the series deals with a different aspects of identities of Bergen and rises a question of past, present and future. The work wishes to evoke links and sentiments of fragility by placing the female figure in this unsettling landscape, creating thematic ripples of memory, rising questions of sustainable living.
A book is a collaboration project between Arina Essipowitsch and Dominique Hille that thematizes presence and absence, the theme of disappearing in a simplicity of a foden map.
Die Serie Bergen spielt in einem Ort, dessen Identität zwiespältig/ mehrschichtig ist: in der Vergangenheit ein Dorf, später ein Tagebau, heute ein Verbotener See - die Serie setzt sich auseinander mit der Fragilität dieser Landschaft anhand eines Frauenkörpers.
Weitere Themen sind Gedächnis, Zukunft und Nachhaltigkeit.


Artist Book, self published, 30 copies +2AP, 60X78, folden into A5, limited edition, screen printed recto-verso, printed in 2019 in Dresden;
A special edition colour, dummy, limited edition, folden 18x24, unfolden 70x100, printed in 2019 in Berlin.
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Variations Schema, Foldings Var. Nr 3, Nr 7, Nr 17, Nr 30 Detail view ( silver screen printing) Exibition view, Lübben 2019 P 66, Dresden, 2020