Dans le cadre de Manifesta 13 Parallèles du Sud, avec le soutien de la Région Sud, Exposition "Allochronotopie" Victor del (M) Oral Rivera & Arina Essipowitsch, commissaire d'exposition Paul-Emmanuel Odin.
"Allochronotopie" se situe dans un espace et un temps inconnu où le savoir ne peut plus se prétendre innocent. Là : un humour violent et carnavalesque fait exploser dans sa fiction l'ordre du savoir et du langage. Ici - le déploiement d'une infinité de connections, de plis impossibles, articule fragmentairement l'image monumentale comme un jeu de puzzle. Les propositions des artistes, chacune à leur façon, invitent le public à s'y incorporer ou à les manipuler, voire à les performer.

FOLD, 2020, cut and folden photograph, dim.var, min. 45x45x15 cm, max.270x1350 cm.

An installation FOLD consists of a large-scale double-sided photographic print that has been intervened by cutting and folding. Its dimensions range from a compact 45x45x10cm album, to a 270x270 full size image, to a fragmented and fully extended configuration measuring 270x1350. The viewer is invited to reposition the image’s square modules, recombining fragmented details to compose new volumes. Thus s/he participates in a novel experience of image-making, reconfiguring visual pathways, mixing recto and verso, and making details (the figure, the protagonist) appear and disappear.
Somewhere between folding map, a puzzle and a memory game, FOLD is a heterogeneous and constantly shifting three-dimensional image. It establishes a space of play, departing from the static one-sided print that is designed to be read horizontally and seen from a single point of view. Here the image is instead read dynamically, through the process of image-making itself.

On show, for MANIFESTA 13 MARSEILLE 2020 at LA COMPAGNIE LIEU DE CRÉATION, 19 rue Francis de Rue Francis de Pressensé 13001 Marseille
FOLD, 2020
Dim. var, dim. min 45x45x15 cm, dim. max 270x1350 cm