Since 2015 I work together with visual storyteller Dominique HILLE.
Up to now, we did five exhibitions together. Our work bases on mixing photography to other media and to create site-specific installations. Both of us take inspiration in true stories and traditional tales, mixing reality and fiction, and use staging.
We do not see the narration in/through pictures in a linear way, therefore the installations that we make play with flashbacks, symbolic images and misfitted images to create a polyphonic narration with different starting points.
Our last project is a book that contains an equal number of Dominique Hille's and mine photographs folded in the centre so that the photograph of one continues the story began in the photographs of the other.
projects with Dominique Hille
Through the looking glass, 2018 (this project is made with kind support of AMT FÜR KULTUR UND DENKMALSCHUTZ LAUNDESHAUPTSTADT DRESDEN )
Blindfold Trust, 2017
Exhibition Minigedichte, 2016
Focusing on the positive, 2015, installation (for the exhibition Das Andere Auge, Dresden)
The Philosophy of Time Travel, 2015 installation (for the exhibition Heimat- Bild als Ort der Identität, Dresden)
Parallèles, 2015