The subject of my work is identity. I conceive the notion of identity as something that can’t be unified. To be more precise, the notion of identity often appears as something split in my work: multiple, plural, fragmented identities, palimpsest identity - these are terms and notions that shape my work. The characters in my pictures, paintings and drawings function through this ambiguity between being ONE and plural, or multiple, at the same time. I started this project from an autobiographical perspective, questioning my past and my present and asking myself where i belong. Today a French citizen, I was born in Minsk, Belarus, where I spent my childhood before following my parents in Germany in 2001. Did I lose one part of my identity as I left my hometown ? The process of alienation was furthered as I left Germany and my parents for another life in France. Therefore, I have already lost a bit of “myself” twice although I am now richer, more complex because of the layers and different cultural experiences that constitute me. Can one really speak of alienation, and of loss of identity, in my case? Can we even talk about identity? These issues are familiar to those who have been through many cultures and it is thus natural that they are being reflected, that they appear as a fundamental feature of my work.

Minsk, 2018
Gloria: Minsk, 2018