FOLD is a limited edition artist book, 60pages, printed in Marseille 2020. It is designed as
cut and folden photograph, folden side 14x16,5cm, max unfolded size ca. 100x320cm.
The double-sided photographic print that has been intervened by cutting and folding. The viewer is invited to reposition the image’s square modules, recombining fragmented details to compose new combinations and volumes. Thus s/he participates in a novel experience of image-making, reconfiguring visual pathways, mixing recto and verso, and making details (the figure, the protagonist) appear and disappear.
Somewhere between folding map, a puzzle and a memory game, FOLD is a heterogeneous and constantly shifting three-dimensional image. It establishes a space of play, departing from the static one-sided print that is designed to be read horizontally and seen from a single point of view. Here the image is instead read dynamically, through the process of image-making itself.

This project was made with the kind support of La compagnie Lieu de Création, as a part of exhibition ALLOCHRONOTOPIE, Parallèles du Sud, Manifesta 13, Marseille 2020

Recto: Le Vent (Fos), 2015
Verso: Mimesis (La Vesse, Autoportrait), 2014
Fold, limited edition, 500 copies
printed in Marseille, 2020
FOLD, 2020, 60 pages
folden side 14x16,5cm, max unfolded size ca. 100x320cm
Folding books
Atelier ESPACE COPIES, Dos Mares, Marseille, November 2020
Folding Variation C
Folding Variatin F
Folding Variation
La Compagnie Lieu de Création, Marseille 2020