SPLIT UNITY, 2015 installation
The installation of a Split Unity contains one print on a blueback 300x430, 8 framed prints 20,5x25,5 on fine art paper, qr-code and one stereo image.

I took photographs before Yohan Dumas finalises his project Windward Borders. He cut a boat in two and brought one half of it into a museum. While his half of it was exhibited to public, the leftover in the port of Marseille-Wesr rised my interest. My project puts the split unity in the center of attention and questions the role of artinstitution.
Yohan's project Windward Borders was exhibited till 6/12/2015 at Pavillon de Vendôme, Aix-en-Provence, France. My project Split Unity was exhibited at the Galerie Stephanie Kelly in Dresden, Germany from 3/12/2015. During these couple of days, practically, two halfs of the boat were shown in two different countries at the same time.