SPLIT UNITY, 2015. This installation contains one print on a blueback 300x430, 8 framed prints 20,5x25,5 on fine art paper, qr-code and one stereo image.

I took photographs before Yohan Dumas finalises his project Windward Borders. He cuts a boat in two and brings one half of it into a museum. While his half of the boat is exhibited to public at the Museum of Pavillon de Vendôme, the leftover of the boat rises my interest. I document it in the port of Marseille at Estaque. My project puts the double identity of the boat ("split unity") in the center of attention and questions the role of art-institution. Yohan's project Windward Borders was exhibited till 6/12/2015 at Pavillon de Vendôme, Aix-en-Provence, France. My project Split Unity was exhibited at the Galerie Stephanie Kelly in Dresden, Germany from 3/12/2015. During these couple of days, practically, two halfs of the boat were shown in two different countries at the same time.